Be a Co-Founder & Start Your Business?

It does not matter if you even do not have an idea or sufficient capital.

If you believe in yourself and you believe that you can make a difference in the world, Legend Projects offers you the possibility to become a “Co-Founder”.

You might have an idea but insufficient resources, or you might have certain financial capability and want to start with the right people and on the right project. Our “Co-Founder” option offers you the possibility to actualize your potential.

Co-founders are those who have entrepreneurship spirit, who are ready to dedicate their energy for building great global brands and they are ready to share our ambition to establish global companies.

If you are ready to put everything you have on the table, Legend Projects is ready to step forward.

This is why we are unconventional. Since Legend Projects started co-founders approach in business it has been passionately following the vision of supporting ambitious potential founders. We are ready not only in terms of sharing our resources but also with hands-on assistance from our professional team, in order to build global successful brands.

We are very grateful that investors have so far put their trust in our projects and continue to do so today. Together with new investors and co-founders, we look forward to further develop new global brands and to have a say in Startup culture of the future.

Let us share with you our precious ideas, our extensive network of entrepreneurs, growth investors, executives, large technology infrastructure, marketing capabilities, experience and other possibilities. We value and deeply respect authenticity in Legend Projects. We do not look for short-term cooperation. We as Legend Projects do not pretend to be anyone we are not and expect the same from valuable investors and co-founders we support. We know the path to success is rugged and prefer to be in the path for the long run.

Do not hesitate to contact our team for discussing about our projects and your future plans.

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