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Legend Projects Principles

As Legend Projects, we are continuously growing our talents because we work with the success-minded professionals with the passion to make a change in the world.

Join us to make next success story by building the next global brand.

The backbone for everything we do in Legend Projects is our principles that drive our management and culture. So, before you apply to any vacancies, you are kindly invited to read the below mentioned principles of Legend Projects. You might be directed questions regarding these principles during interview.

  • Our reputation is above our capital.
  • Assets of Legend Projects are trusted individuals, business partners, reliability and finally capital.
  • The primary goal of Legend Projects is to provide superior returns to our investors.
  • Legend Projects team pursue excellence and seethe professional quality of our work as main source of our pride.
  • We value imagination in our business.
  • We allocate an unusual effort to identify and choose the best professional for every job.
  • We work as one company and attribute importance to teamwork across all our brands.
  • We provide our team members with the opportunity to learn, improve and advance as rapidly as possible.
  • Our colleagues know that integrity and honesty are of paramount importance in Legend Projects.
  • We prefer to learn from our team members rather than being simply pullers.
  • We believe that being the biggest does not always mean being be the best and most profitable.
  • The interest of our companies and investors are above our own interests.
  • We treat investor capitals as our own earnings and we are well aware that cost control is key for competition.
  • No matter how big we are, we must remain detailed, fast, precise, focused concise and entrepreneurial for exploring and evaluating greatest opportunities.
  • What Legend Projects does is highly competitive and it compels us to be assertive in order to consolidate and expand our business.
  • In Legend Projects, decisions are to be based on merit and our company principles.
  • Legend Projects team members respect competitors and never denigrate them.
  • Internal communication precedes external communication in Legend Projects.
  • Fast decision is compulsory as long as it is well informed.
  • Legend Projects team members take full accountability for everything they do.
  • Our assets are our trusted people, partners, network, capital and reputation.
  • Excellence comes with team spirit.
  • Whether it comes from an intern or from a member of the board; we value idea, not the source.
  • At Legend Projects, everyone does his or her part to construct solidarity and a sense of community across the Group.
  • Success will not be possible in Legend Projects, unless there is transparency and open exchange of ideas between all our colleagues and across all departments.

Legend Projects consists of a team of experienced and highly passionate professionals who have built and operated more than 30 global brands so far.

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