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Why you should prefer Legend Projects?

Revolutionizing Global Trade

We Develop.

We consider, analyze and develop and test unique business ideas. After carefully evaluating the concept, we partner up with brilliant entrepreneurs to build a global brand. There are numerous parameters, factors, elements, algorithms that play role in this stage of the process. This evaluation (“incubation”) process requires due diligence on product suitability, market viability, competitiveness, business plan, initial valuations and especially investment decision procedure. In addition, preparation of (interim) executive management for building business infrastructure for starting the go-to-market is also handled in this stage.

We Invest.

We invest in the idea only after we are certain that the idea has turned into a project and a business model. We meet potential investors or potential co-founders. We undergo series of meetings. We shortlist potential investors and carefully decide the most appropriate investor or co-founder. Once the investor and/or co-founder is determined, together with the investors, co-founders, and professionals in our multi-disciplinary team we build strong products/services and make them ready to be launched.

We Expand.

As soon as the idea is a fully fledged project we publicly release as a new brand and we work very hard to expand the brand. In average the new brand leaves the nest in about one year. While the project is becoming a brand, financially and operationally independent, we transfer valuable knowledge to the co-founding team. Executive Board of the brand gradually build their own team and culture in their own office. Once the brand has taken off as a self-sufficient business, the growth is consolidated with extra recruitment and often extra growth funding.

Why you should prefer Legend Projects?

There are many technical founders who may not have the depth of business experience to translate their ideal or product into a successful business.

Similarly, some companies may not have expertise on how to incubate a seed and convert it into a fully fledged operating business.

Also we have seen that there are many investors who avoid going into traditional business approach and prefer to invest in seed-ideas that carry big potential.

To incubate a new business and to build businesses from scratch require a specific business structure with sufficient flexibility, investment for continuous innovation, specialized professionals, and commitment to invest the incubated projects.

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