Focus Sectors

Our Focus Sectors For Investment

Principally, we are open to work in any sector as long as we think we possess the necessary know-how.  So as Legend Projects, we are not closed to ideas from any sector. Here are list of sectors that we have already been involved:


Machines from Germany and machinery from Italy. This field is focused on exportation of machinery products from Germany and Italy to the world. Our projects for these companies are separate. This is one of our mega B2B projects. We guarantee hundreds and millions of dollars of exportation of tools, equipments, and machines


Those international companies who wish to export furniture worldwide and use Turkey as their production and exportation hub, we are providing excellent opportunities in terms of exportation of furniture from Turkey to the world. We have already caused to export millions of dollars of furniture so far.


We are ready to invest on agriculture sector, especially regarding exportation of agriculture products worldwide. Currently, the following projects are open to investment: grain exportation from Ukraine. We guarantee dominance in export marketing of grain from Ukraine. Exportation of meat products from Ukraine. Exportation of hazelnuts from Turkey.

Health Tourism

This is a multibillion dollars project “”. This is a project where doctors of the whole world will be listed. Doctors will be registering and publishing their profiles, also hospitals from around the world will be able to list their doctors in this platform. Medical tourism is in rise. People are becoming more conscious regarding their health and they are ready to search for the best doctors. So this platform will provide a unique portal for matching doctors with patients from all around the world.


Every year, foreigners are buying property worth more than 30 billion USD from Turkey. Our success in this field has been impressive. We already are working smoothly in this sector. However, the competition is harsh, new players are joining the league to get their shares. So we believe that consolidation of our position in the market is crucial.


The construction sector in Turkey is booming. We have two companies. Construction and Property. The first is constructing and the later is marketing. Turkey has a very strong infrastructure regarding construction. We guarantee perfect returns to your investments. This is one of the prominent businesses where the level of risk is rather low.  Ultimately the investment is going into a tangible, immobilier asset.


Our specialization in textile sector are export of two main fields “curtains” and “towels & bathrobes”. Turkey is one of the most important suppliers of towels and curtains. We are specialized only on exportation. There are thousands of factories, manufacturing very good quality products. However, they do not always know how to deal with global marketing. This is the point where we need to use our strong point and take over the mission. We can export millions of dollars.

International Trade

No matter where you are and no matter which product you have. If it is about export, do not hesitate to contact us. We have numerous projects mentioned across our website as well as many others that we do not disclose based on the sensitivity of the projects. Contact us and we will guide you where and how to invest in projects related to international trade.

IT - SEO Services

We do not do everything. For instance, we are not specialized in retail online business. We have allocated our attention to everything international and/or global. That is, our technological solutions are all export oriented. From conception of the product and/or service into positioning, from marketing to CRM… all phases of international business are managed in our group. You are welcomed to participate in our journey.

Location is never an obstacle.

Wherever you are located, as an investor or as an idea holder, if you wish to cooperate with us regarding any sector, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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