Success Stories

Success Stories

We have been building successful global brands. We have been investing, providing continuous financial and operational support for their success.

“Having worked with their magnificent team, I hereby applaud Legend Projects for their professionalism and culture that they have established in their Group. All components and sections of the Group are designed to work together and committed for one unique goal.”

Ms. Anna USENKO, CEO of Seatorium

“Legend Projects keeps the delicate balance between delivering guidance and encouraging risk taking management team members. This is, I believe, the key for the global success. And I was glad to see during these years how passionate team in Legend Projects and its network of companies were ready in sharing the best practice every possible and the precious know-how.”

Mr. Mahmud OYLUM, CEO of TT

 “It has been an immense proud and source of excitement to look at what distinguished Legend Projects team have built in such a short time. Legend Projects empowered me to develop the expertise, provided me the challenge and ensured me to have the necessary environment to grow and shape our business into what it is today.”

Mr. Bora AKSOY, CEO of Royal Property

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