New Businesses

We are a global investment company that builds, supports and expands sustainable, mostly international businesses in multiple sectors and in different location around  the world.

Legend Projects, has successfully launched more than 30 businesses in various parts of the world. Possessing years of experience, especially in rapidly growing online marketing field, we have built different successful brands that operate internationally.

Ideas – We welcome those who have a brand new idea and want to turn it into a global brand.

Co-Founders – We welcome those who love taking risk and want to start their own business.

Investors – We welcome investors who are ready to allocate their capital for non-traditional business approaches.

Professionals – We welcome those passionate and principled professionals who wish to take part in our team.

Factories – We welcome those manufacturers who want us to join our forces in exporting worldwide and building new brands.

Service Providers – We welcome those service providers who are eager to reach global audience.

We work with skilled professionals, adventurer co-founders with leadership talents, outstanding entrepreneurs who are ready to invest in projects with enormous potential. We provide ideas with mind power and provide them with the support they need to build a successful global company.

Legend Projects is honoured of having a team of professionals who enable the Group to grow already successful businesses into new geographical regions and new markets.

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