Managerial System

How we manage things?

The managerial system of the Legend Projects Group consists of two main parts:

Board of Directors (BOD)
and Chief Execution leaded by the Chief Executive Officers (CEO).

Execution of a brand is the responsibility of the CEO of that project. All CEOs are accountable to the BOD.

BOD does not undertake the execution of any project.

BOD members are positive, visionary, professional, open, sincere, cooperative and hard-working professionals.

The main objective of the BOD is to establish a centralized management system;


  • Evaluate ideas and potential business opportunities
  • Adapting the most up-to-the-date technology in the group
  • Supply the Group with the best team members. Relatively, Consolidating each CEO with the best team ever possible is also ensured by the BOD
  • Ensure efficiency and thereby profitability in all projects.
  • Control the flow of cash, papers and goods in the Group.
  • Calculate, foresee and eliminate potential risks to the Group and to every project.
  • Define rules of the procedure and management system in the Group.
  • Act pre-emptively and evaluate all potential risks for the Group


Analyze interesting ideas in different countries and in different sectors. The purpose of our group is to locate niche products and niche services that offer fertile business opportunities.


We are not a company that is specialized in one sector. We are the company that is specialized in achieving profitable businesses in multiple sectors and different destinations. All of the BOD team members are primordially skilled to serve the Group’s business model.

To put it simply:

The world is our country! Countries are our cities! The globe is our target audience. Sun is our chandelier!

Reporting System of BOD

BOD Report – Mostly related to the overall situation of the Group, presented to Chairman.

CEO Report – Related to the brands, presented to the BOD

Vision and Mission

Our Vision – Legend Projects builds and empowers the leading global brands of tomorrow.

Our Mission – We invest in excellent personalities and provide operational support for great ideas and establish the environment for global success.

What defines Legend Projects Management?

  1. We act fast
  2. We are accessible and open across our team
  3. We speak up regardless of hierarchies
  4. We welcome every idea
  5. We decide under the light of data
  6. We treat every person the way we like to be treated
  7. We respect our environment
  8. We appreciate
  9. We do not have but a positive mindset
  10. Team members, entrepreneurs and investors can rely on us
  11. We are pragmatic, yet informal
  12. We better deal now instead of complaining later
  13. We focus on solutions, rather than problems
  14. We strive to be the change we want to see
  15. We never stop improving
  16. We are open and try new ways
  17. We have the courage to reinvent ourselves
  18. Decide now to have impact in the future
  19. We share knowledge
  20. We have to think one step ahead
  21. We empathize with entrepreneurs

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