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Why Legend Projects?

As Legend Projects, we know international market. We know international culture. We know international law. So; we know how to sell worldwide. So basically, we know how this thing works.

Right product, right service, right place, right suppliers and then just push! You need to be very delicate in defining your goals. Eventually, you market from one spot to innumerable destinations. So, all elements must carefully be put together.

Business is like playing piano. Imagine a piano; if you want to get a nice melody, you need to press the correct key in correct sequence and in correct time. You should be very well aware of all keys, relative notes and respective sounds. Otherwise, it will be just a mass. This is what we do. We organize international business, just as a pianist is playing Mozart or Beethoven. As Legend Projects team, we offer a wonderful melody. Our team is programmed for soundly managing the business, international marketing and building global brands.

Which country?

Principally, we do not limit ourselves with location. We have a complex and sophisticated algorithm in selecting a country. Political system, macro economy, internal and regional stability, legal system and so many other variables play role in our decision making process.

Which product or service?

We use sophisticated and complex methods in selecting the sector or the product. On the one hand, we analyze the situation of the product or service in the country in case. For instance, we do not go to markets if the supply chain has a monopolistic or oligopolistic character. In terms of volume, target mass, raw material and market the product or service in case must be up to a certain level. Or players involved in the business must already be in a certain level of professionalism. We look into standards. To put it simply, there are numerous variables that are taken under consideration before we decide to invest in any project.

We do not undertake a project unless we are sure that we can make it a success story.  We do not risk our time and resources for countries and sectors without a potential. We know how to manage and sell internationally. We know how to locate international importers all around the world. We have a considerable experience and know-how regarding international marketing.

Who can invest?

Investors from around the world who share our international vision are most welcomed to participate in our journey. We present a delicious food that is already cooked. All that the investor is expected to do is to contribute financially and enjoy the meal.

We always welcome ideas, recommendations, advices and any intellectual contributions. In Legend Projects we attribute a significant value to experiences. This must be the sole reason why we always welcome new ideas.

The most important criterion in choosing a potential investor is the “appreciation of our professionalism and experience”. We know what we are doing and we believe that this should be appreciated.

We welcome individuals, companies, investors, entrepreneurs who are ready to become co-founders and enterprises for building ideas into successful global brands.

What about result?

Unless there are force major cases, we try to ensure risk-free business and we almost guarantee result.

We have our principles in international business; in legal issues, in logistics, payment methods and all other stages of international business. The logic is simple, never take big risks. Do not buy unless you sell. In other words, we do not sign a contract with the supplier, unless we have secured a deal with the buyer. So we are always in the safe side. We do not make exceptions in our principles.

Your resources are safe in the hands of professionals who know what they are doing.

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Why Legend Projects?

  • Avoid overhead for starting a business
  • Premium return with relatively low risk
  • Invest in non-traditional business.
  • Save in initial investment capital,
  • Avoids typical Startup errors
  • Avoid dilution in your investment by “top-line management fees and fixed initial expenses”
  • Investment is going only to operational expenses of the new company
  • Legend Projects’ upside is only if the project is exit-worthy company
  • Utilize already existing infrastructure and innovative services
  • Best way to efficiently monetize your assets

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